Your business gateway to China


3 Great reasons to work with Sancheng Digital

We’re multi-lingual marketing experts with French and Chinese qualifications.

We’re based in Europe so we can have face-to-face meetings if you want.

We can introduce you to a fantastic network across the UK, Europe and China.


Imagine if you could get your product into the Chinese market without suffering all the headaches that cross cultural selling creates. Imagine if you could avoid all the nightmare stories you hear about all the time when people have tried to sell to China ?
Imagine if you could have your own team on-side that speaks the language, understands the culture, the marketplace and can build a marketing strategy on your behalf?

Imagine no more. Sancheng Digital will do all that (and a whole lot more).

Are you keen to sell your product in China?

Are you a business owner in the UK, Ireland or Europe who’s keen to sell your product in China?
Are you concerned that you don’t have sufficient knowledge or a big enough network to make it happen?

Reaching Chinese clients isn’t like reaching clients on home ground.
Social media in China is different and language and cultural barriers make communication difficult.

Many business owners have tried and failed

A huge number of business owners are attracted by the lucrative Chinese market.

But despite significant investment, most fail to rise to the challenge because the market is so different to the UK, Ireland or Europe.

Meet Sancheng Digital – your gateway to China

Conventional marketing solutions simply don’t work when it comes to penetrating the Chinese market.
But the good news is that Sancheng Digital can help.
Our tight-knit, cross-cultural, multi-lingual team really is your business gateway to China.

We help UK, Irish and European companies do the right things and make the right investments to expand into the Chinese marketplace.