Based in France, Sancheng Digital is a Europe-China marketing company providing a full range of international marketing services from social media and e-commerce to branding and commercial relations.
Sancheng Digital is ideally placed to help you bridge the cultural divide between East and West.
With the advantage of extensive network in Europe and China, our international team supplies proactive and professional support to the potential clients working hand in hand with them on a diverse range of projects.

“One gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to everything”,
inspired by the Chinese Taoism classic Tao Te Ching, Sancheng Digital believes in progress through cooperation and sharing:
“To achieve the goals in a team together”.

Our team

Ian Jefferies
Co – founder and
Business Development Manager

Having worked in the banking sector in the UK and France for twenty years, Ian has a deep practical knowledge of doing business in an intercultural environment and a network of trusted contacts in real estate, law, finance, agriculture and industry.

Hanya Cao
Co – founder and
Marketing Research Manager

 While working in China and New Zealand, Hanya gained
wide-ranging experience in data analysis, e-commerce and business development.  In addition to her Chinese qualifications, Hanya holds an MSc in Marketing, management & communication from Toulouse Business School

Manquan Guo
Co – founder and
Creativity and Brand Manager

 Manquan has an extensive experience in advertising and branding, having worked for over 6 years in online marketing in China before moving to France and gaining an MSc in Marketing, management & communication at Toulouse Business School.

Nina Bernava
Digital Marketing
Project Manager

Nina manages digital communication and marketing projects for our UK and European customers with particular focus on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. Nina is studying Multimedia at Digital Campus.

Our Partners