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Research, Analysis, Writting reports on markets


Formulate a strategy of digital marketing
and propose solutions


Establish multicultural connections to boost the development of the company


Filter and select good methods for increase the visibility of the brand


Social Media



Corporate Identity

Press release

Trade relations

Data analysis

Working with us :

Marketing Analysis/Research

Before launching any marketing plan, a full and professional diagnosis is essential.  Sancheng Digital will research your business sector and then present you with a fully comprehensive marketing strategy; meaning you can confidently enter the market, knowing what to expect and with a greater chance of success.

Customised Digital Marketing

400 million consumers in China use the internet to research and make purchases using platforms that many Western consumers have never heard of. These platforms include WeChat, Weibo and Baidu.  Sancheng Digital gives you the advice you need to select the right platforms and strategies to successfully sell your product in the Chinese market.

Off-line business development

In addition to helping you build a successful online marketing strategy, Sancheng Digital will provide you with the tools you need to set up the right face to face contacts with potential clients and business partners in China. This includes exhibition/salon suggestions and recommendations and introductions to potential business partners.